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The CSP as an employer

The staff of the CSP are its most valuable resource and it is vital that the Society is a good employer to ensure that members are provided with high-quality, effective and efficient services. The CSP is recognised as an Investor in People.

The CSP recognises the Association of Clerical, Technical & Supervisory Staff (ACTSS), which is a subsidiary of the Transport and General Workers Union. Most staff (about 85 per cent) belong to the union.

The Society, through the Human Resources Group which meets quarterly, negotiates and consults with ACTSS on terms and conditions of employment for the Society's employees. This includes pay, grading and all other conditions of employment.

The Chief Executive along with the senior management team has a key role to play in maintaining and improving employee relations in line with the Society's business plan and core values.

An international role

UK physiotherapists are world leaders and the Society also has an important international role, as founder member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT, the profession's international body).


Job Title :

Director of Marketing and Communications, CSP

Grade :

CSP Grade 10

Responsible and Accountable to :

Chief Executive

Accountable for :

The Marketing and Communications Function

Working in Partnership with :

Director of Campaigns and Communications (p/t 21 hours per week)

Close working relationships with :

Chief Executive

Main Purpose of Job:

Overall responsibility for the strategic direction, planning and budgeting for the Marketing and Communications function as a whole, with a regular role on CSP's Senior Management Team. To lead on the development and implementation of a strategic approach to marketing, publishing and income generation, including member recruitment and retention, member marketing, member communications, and publishing. To lead a more planned, integrated approach to member marketing and member communications across CSP, helping to deliver on CSP's member engagement programme, as well as improving member awareness of CSP services. To lead the development of the Society's existing and new revenue streams. To further develop the role of CSP's fortnightly membership magazine, "Frontline" and quarterly journal "Physiotherapy". To bring CSP's online and print communications closer together and further develop the online communications programme. To serve as a member of the CSP's senior management team and to provide effective leadership for staff.

Working in partnership with the Campaigns and Communications Director - who leads the development and delivery of a strategic approach to external relations, particularly campaigns and communications. Practical line management of the Campaigns and Communications Director rests with the Director of Marketing and Communications. The Campaigns and Communications Director is accountable to the CEO for the external communications and campaigns strategy and programme.

Together the Director of Marketing and Communications and the Campaigns and Communications Director develop an annual Marketing and Communications plan to ensure that the Marketing Communications Function delivers on the key corporate objectives for marketing, income generation, communications, campaigning and events as set out in CSP's corporate strategy.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To lead the strategic planning, development, implementation and monitoring of a marketing strategy, including member market research.
  2. As a member of the senior management team, playing a key role in corporate business and strategic planning, organisational change and development.
  3. To lead a strategic approach to the development, delivery and monitoring of effective communications between the Society and its members.
  4. Providing advice to the Chair and Vice-Chair of Council, Council members, the Chief Executive and senior management team on the management of member relationships and communication.
  5. Supporting the Communications Group and assisting it to develop strategic member input into communications and marketing.
  6. Overall responsibility, along with the editors of Frontline and the Physiotherapy Journal, for ensuring that the Society's publications are developed in line with the Society's marketing and communications strategy.
  7. To lead the development of income generation across CSP, and work with the Business Development and Events Dept to maintain and protect existing revenue and to proactively identify and develop new revenue streams.
  8. Further develop the Society's key conferences and events, particularly CSP Congress.
  9. To further develop and integrate print and online communications, harnessing the opportunities presented by new media and electronic communications tools - including the CSP website and iCSP. To work with the Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Operations to ensure appropriate integration of back-end IT applications.
  10. To provide effective leadership, management and development of staff.
  11. Overall responsibility for managing significant expenditure and income budgets, including the publishing and marketing budgets.
  12. Actively promoting and ensuring compliance with the CSP's principles of equality and the valuing of diversity in all aspects of its work.
  13. Any other duties as reasonably required by the Chief Executive.

The salary package for this position is Circa £65,000 + Final Salary Pension

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