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How the CPO role is changing amidst the strategic rise of procurement ​

Learn what factors are driving change for the role of CPO and explore the future of procurement leadership

March 04, 2022

5 Ways to reimagine procurement to boost recovery 

Explore five strategies to reimagine procurement to boost recovery

March 04, 2022

How to attract the next generation of procurement talent​

 Discover how to attract next-gen procurement talent with our top five tips!

March 04, 2022

Here comes Generation Z: Modernising the recruitment process to attract next-gen talent

Modernise your recruitment to attract the next generation of talent and improve diversity in your tech department.

March 02, 2022

9 key challenges facing IT leaders in the public sector

Explore the key challenges impacting IT leaders and their teams with digital transformation in the public sector.

January 26, 2022

Warning: Beware of the widening skills deficit in your IT department 

The public sector is experiencing an acute digital talent shortage. Discover hiring strategies to bridge the skills gap

January 26, 2022