Avoiding Job Search Burnout

Avoiding Job Search Burnout

Anxiety-free applying: Ways to avoid burning out in your job search

Whether you are looking for a new role whilst juggling your current workload, are facing a planned redundancy or are currently out of work, searching for a new job can be an exciting process. While it can be complicated, invigorating, and full of hope, it can also be a major source of anxiety, depression, and burnout. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are several tactics you can incorporate into your job-hunting strategy that can help you avoid job search burnout.

Job search anxiety and burnout warning signs to look out for:

First, it’s important to know the signs that your job search is causing you to burnout so that you can take steps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Burnout is characterised by feelings of exhaustion or of being overwhelmed and is commonly caused by excessive and prolonged emotional, mental, and physical stress – like hunting for a new job. Signs you are feeling burnt out can include:

– Increased irritability and frustration

If you notice an increased level of irritability and frustration that spills over into other areas of your life outside of your job search, you may be close to burnout through your efforts to find a new role.

– Lack of desire to socialise

Avoiding talking to your friends and family or avoiding other social situations can be a sign of a wider loss of motivation caused by focus on your new position, interviews, technical tests and more.

– Declining physical or mental health

Perhaps you’ve been getting sick more often or having trouble sleeping? If you’ve noticed changes to your health, however small, this can be a sign you are suffering burnout.

– Procrastinating over small tasks

Finding simple tasks that would normally take you a few moments to complete are becoming increasingly difficult can be a sign that your mentally exhausted from your job search.

5 ways to prevent job search burnout

Whether you’ve noticed some of the signs for job search burnout, or you are looking for ways to prevent burnout from beginning, here are some great strategies to reduce the stress and anxiety of hunting for a new role:

1. Stop panic applying

Doubling down on a bad day or a run of rejections by sending out a flurry of applications to roles you aren’t well suited for or don’t really want can lead to a rolling cycle of further rejection and panicked applications. Slow down and apply only for jobs that genuinely excite you.

2. Develop a realistic schedule

Instead of spending all your spare time job hunting, put together a realistic schedule. For example, one hour networking, two hours filling out job applications, one hour updating your CV. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and build in time for other activities.

3. Develop a new skill or expand your current skill set

Taking some time to focus on personal development not only has the benefit of making your CV look more polished but succeeding in other areas of your life outside your job search boosts your confidence and increases your happiness.

4. Connect with people who make you happy

Combat feelings of isolation by connecting with people who make you happy. Keeping connected can help boost your mood, beat depression, and break up the monotony of job hunting. It’s also a great informal way of maintaining connections with your network. Who knows perhaps a friend has a tip about a position you’d be perfect for!

5. Change where you look for jobs

Finding the perfect role won’t happen if you only look in the same places. Jobs boards can get stale quickly or only have access to entry level or non-specialised roles. Be open to new possibilities, use your networks, or consider using a specialist recruitment consultancy such as Morgan Law.

Looking for a supportive recruiter to assist you through you job search?

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