Balancing Freedom and Fulfilment: Embracing Flexibility in Public Sector Careers

Balancing Freedom and Fulfilment: Embracing Flexibility in Public Sector Careers

We recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn that found that, as long as salary was acceptable, 85% of candidates consider flexible working more important when applying for a role than career development, training or benefits. Considering that the UK ranks 2nd in the world for the number of days worked from home this isn’t surprising! The same study by the ifo Institute of Economic Research found that employees in the UK wanted nearly 53% more days working from home than they were currently taking. If you, like many of us in the UK, want greater flexibility in your working life you may be considering a career change. If you are, the public sector might be the right choice for you.  

Why flexible working is important 

In a world where technology increasingly blurs the line between our professional and personal lives, the growing desire for flexible working recognises that one size does not fit all when it comes to balancing the demands of work with our life beyond the office. You should be empowered to take control of your work and well-being and to choose how to allocate your time and energy. 

Flexible working gives you the power to live a healthier life, with less stress. And feeling more positive at work not only enhances overall job satisfaction but can boost your productivity and motivation. Acknowledging that different people have different peak productivity hours and work styles and different commitments outside of work means we can all benefit from greater flexibility.

Flexibility in public sector roles

Considering a transition into the public sector? One compelling aspect that makes public sector roles stand out is the unparalleled flexibility they offer through: 

  • Diverse Career Paths 
    Part of the flexibility in the public sector is driven by the wide variety of roles on offer. Whether you’re an expert in healthcare, technology, finance, or any other field, there’s a place for you. This diversity opens doors for those starting out in their career to explore different options while building skills, or for career-changers bringing existing skill sets from the private sector.
  • Work Arrangement Options 
    Whether you’re seeking the stability of a full-time position, the flexibility of part-time hours, the project-based nature of temporary roles, or the convenience of remote work, the public sector has a broad spectrum of working arrangements available that can accommodate different lifestyles and life stages.
  • Flexible Schedules 
    Many roles in the public sector already operate beyond the traditional 9 to 5, particularly roles in healthcare and education. For example, 46% of those working in education say they are able to work flexibly. Many roles offer some form of flexible scheduling, be it compressed hours, job sharing, annualised hours and more. This makes the public sector a welcoming environment for individuals with unique needs and diverse personal circumstances.

4 Further benefits of greater flexibility 

Public sector careers offer a degree of flexibility that can transform your work-life balance. Whether you are juggling caring commitments, are looking to reduce your cost of living by moving area or simply want more time to pursue a life outside of work, a better balance can be transformation. But it’s not the only benefit of increased flexibility. Flexible working can support your: 

  1. Career Development 
    More flexibility at work gives you the time to pursue additional training, on-the-job opportunities, or education to develop your skills. This gives you the chance to become more skilled in your role, but also opens doors to new career paths and advancement opportunities.
  2. Health and Well-being
    Having that better work-life balance that comes with flexibility can significantly reduce stress and prevent burnout making you healthier and happier. Feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of your work has the bonus of helping you become more productive and engaged at work.
  3. Sense of autonomy and empowerment 
    When you have the freedom to chart your own course and determine what your workday looks like opportunities abound for pursuing self-directed projects and making decisions that align with one’s passions and expertise. This fosters a deeper sense of ownership in your work and fuels your innovation and creativity. 
  1. Sense of purpose
    With the freedom to adapt and explore various roles and projects, you have greater scope to align your career with causes you are passionate about. This sense of purpose drives motivation and commitment and allows you to directly contribute to initiatives that make a positive difference in society.

If you aspire to have greater control over when and how you work, the public sector’s emphasis on flexibility, and accommodating work arrangements makes it a compelling choice. A career in the public sector allows you to balance your unique circumstances while making a positive impact on the world around you.

Find flexibility and fulfilment with a career in the public sector

If you are looking for greater flexibility in your next role, Morgan Law can help. As experienced public and not-for-profit sector recruiters we specialise in matching you with roles and employers that are the right fit for your skills and experience and who can offer you the flexibility and balance you expect. 

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