Changing the face of trusteeship through equitable representation

Changing the face of trusteeship through equitable representation

Morgan Law, a specialist recruitment company for the public and not-for-profit sectors is changing the face of charity trusteeship. By sponsoring a leadership programme bursary via Getting on Board, they will enable people of colour to gain greater access to charity boards and trusteeship.

People of colour are among the least likely to become charity trustees, yet charities desperately need their talent and perspectives. More than six in 10 (62 per cent) of the top charities, by income, had all white boards while more than nine in 10 (92 per cent) of trustees are white, older, and above average income and education.

Morgan Law recognises the importance of attracting the broadest pool of candidates and selecting the best available based solely on merit. They believe that as recruiters, they have a responsibility to build more inclusive organisations at all levels.

David Morgan, Owner and Co-Founder of Morgan Law said:We believe passionately in equality. That means we treat everyone, client or candidate, with fairness and respect, regardless of job level, sector or discipline.

“Diverse, equitable and inclusive organisations create environments of creativity and productivity, which leads to greater success for both the organisation and the wider community. By partnering with Getting on Board, we hope to play even a small role in championing change and enabling the next generation of trustee leadership to thrive.”

Morgan Law provides the top 5 reasons why diversity is good for charity trusteeships

  1. It reflects the real world: By mirroring the very communities they’re trying to help, charities are better positioned to deliver their mission
  2. It fosters better decision making: Diverse perspectives and insights can enable more balanced and thoughtful board decisions
  3. It delivers innovative thinking: In today’s fast-paced, digital world, having diverse and forward-thinkers enables progress more quickly and flexibly
  4. It makes the charity more attractive: Whether looking for funding, donations or volunteers, having a diverse trusteeship enhances a charity’s reputation and brand, thereby attracting more diverse – and numerous – supporters and patrons
  5. It’s the right thing to do: The world needs to do more to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, in business, in government and in charity. Enabling a larger pool of talented professionals to access trusteeship opportunities is simply the right thing to do.

“More needs to be done if organisations, workplaces and charities are to be responsive to the very people they’re trying to help,” continues Morgan. “Investing in building diverse communities has unlimited benefits with no disadvantages and should be on every leader’s agenda.”

About Morgan Law

Founded in 2000, Morgan Law helps leading organisations in the public and not-for-profit sectors recruit the highest-calibre professionals for important roles across business support, middle and senior management. Since its inception, Morgan Law has enabled the careers of more than 18,000 professionals and supported more than 6,000 organisations find the diverse talent they need to prosper. Proudly, this includes women representing 48% of placed candidates, BAME groups representing 44% and those identifying as LGBTQI+ representing 4%.

About Getting on Board

Getting on Board supports people to become charity trustees, particularly those who are currently under-represented on trustee boards. The aspiring trustees we support include young people, women, people of colour, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, working class people, and people with lived experience of disenfranchisement.

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