Find Third Sector Jobs

Find Third Sector Jobs

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If you’re interested in a career that prioritises positive change in society then Morgan Law has an abundance of third sector job opportunities.  

The third sector, also known as the charity sector or voluntary sector, is dedicated to creating social wealth, improving well-being, and supporting communities at both local and international levels.

From climate change and unaffordable housing to providing support to underrepresented members in society, third-sector organisations often focus on specific issues and act by running shelters, providing legal advice, and implementing various initiatives. 

Apart from being an incredibly rewarding career path, there are many compelling reasons why working in the third sector could be an ideal career move including: sense of fulfilment, job stability, flexible working, competitive pay and benefits, and training and development. 

Morgan Law understands the growing importance of the third sector to society and the importance of listening to your needs.

Leveraging our vast network of voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, community groups, co-operatives, mutuals and housing associations, we strive to help you find the right role. Our expertise and access to exceptional opportunities enable us to support you in achieving your career aspirations. 

Call us on 0207 747 4949 to speak to one of our experienced consultants and learn more about our current job listings in and around the Third Sector.


Find Third Sector Jobs Here


Achieve Your Third Sector Career Goals with Morgan Law 

 Specialising in senior management roles across charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, and housing associations, we excel in connecting professionals with high-calibre opportunities in the third sector.

Our main goal is to provide continuous career support to individuals working in the third sector and build long-term relationships. By prioritising exceptional candidate experiences, many of our candidates seek our support well beyond their placement.  

Our Third Sector Expertise 

 Our seasoned consultants have an in-depth understand of the current challenges encountered by our third sector clients. Whether that be the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and financial sustainability through to volunteer retention and workforce diversity.

By understanding our clients’ hurdles, we can determine the necessary skills needed for success in multiple roles including: 

  • CEO 
  • Director of Finance 
  • Chief Technology Officer 
  • Chief People Officer 
  • Head of Fundraising and Partnerships 
  • Training and Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Finance Manager 
  • Management Accountant 
  • Corporate Fundraising Manager 
  • Business Development and Fundraising 
  • Technical Team Leader 
  • PMO Manager 
  • Head of Finance 
  • Senior Procurement Manager 
  • HR Manager 
  • Senior Marketing Manager 
  • Fundraising Development Officer 

Morgan Law can find you suitable third sector jobs by leveraging our strong sector expertise and deep networks.