Here comes Generation Z: Modernising the recruitment process to attract next-gen talent

Here comes Generation Z: Modernising the recruitment process to attract next-gen talent

Generation Z are about to enter the jobs market! Born between 1997 and 2012 this cohort consists of 12.6 million people and makes up 19% of the UK population. Just beginning to graduate from university, this group are entering the workforce at a time when technology and new ways of working are changing the landscape and the impact of Gen Z’s own forward-thinking attitudes and technology literacy looks set to force organisations to change and adapt their hiring practices.

Understanding what Gen Z want from their careers and how they experienced, reacted to, and processed the upheaval of the last few years has changed what they value most from their jobs will go a long way to attracting and retaining Gen Z candidates.

What sets Generation Z apart from their predecessors when it comes to recruitment?

This generation is the most digitally switched on. They have grown up with the internet, social media, and WI-FI, tellingly, 98% of Gen Z members own a smartphone. They are more likely have been to university and have less work experience in their teens compared with previous generations. Most strikingly, they are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever, with around 13% being born in a different country to the one they reside in.

So, what can these differences tell us about how best to recruit Gen Z?

  • What do they value?
    Generation Z know their worth and they value work-life balance, flexible benefits, and candidate experience above all. This means that to appeal to Generation Z you need to provide the ability to work remotely at least some of the time, comprehensive benefits that focus less on gimmicks and more on support, and a seamless, intuitive application process that avoids lengthy form filling and testing.
  • Where do they look for jobs?
    Referrals are far and away the most popular way for Generation Z to learn about potential employers and access jobs. Over 60% find referrals from an organisation’s current and former employees to be a trusted source when searching for new roles. They tend to be put-off by irrelevant and repetitive job board results although they still rate job boards highly if they allow them to find relevant positions and apply easily.
  • How do they prefer to communicate?
    Whilst this generation is the most digitally connected, and email remains the number one method Gen Z uses to communicate. This generation understands the importance of building face-to-face connections and developing relationships with recruiters and employers. Remember face-to-face doesn’t necessarily mean in-person!
    They do expect quick communication and are not averse to using multiple channels if necessary.

5 Tactics for recruiting Gen Z

  1. Enhance your website and job postings for SEO
    Optimise your website and job posts for Google and other search engines. This will mean candidates can find your open roles more quickly and without being diverted to third-party sites. Make sure to include as much information as possible with regards to salary, location, and responsibilities. Your aim is a simple application process that focuses on a better candidate experience.
  2. Create compelling content
    Develop your digital content strategy and produce compelling content that aligns with the concerns and values of Gen Z. For example, diversity and inclusion, social purpose, your workplace culture, and industry-specific topics. Above all, be consistent with your brand across platforms. If your branding is inconsistent across different platforms, Gen Z may switch off!
  3. Use social media and use your current employees as ‘influencers’
    As Gen Z values referrals from current and former members of staff you can utilise your workforce to attract Gen Z talent. Invite your team members to share their experiences and daily routines on their social media platforms and to post when jobs become available. This provides potential candidates with a more authentic view of what it means to work for you and means you can leverage your employees’ personal networks to find top talent.
  4. Create a robust employee development plan
    Show potential Gen Z employees that you plan to invest in their training and professional development by creating a clear structure of progression and how you plan to support them in achieving that progression. Mentorships and training programmes are great ways to show Gen Z that you value their long-term potential and growth.
  5. Showcase diversity
    Go beyond stock images and nods to equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) on your website. Gen Z is looking for concrete examples of inclusive practices and a genuine commitment to your diverse workforce. Show your values with video statements from your employees, put into place a Chief Diversity Officer and showcase how your workplace practices have been adapted to support ED&I.

Ways to attract diverse talent in tech

Generation Z value diversity in the workplace as they understand the importance of having their experiences and communicates reflected in their work culture. So, what do you do if you need to improve your ED&I practices and boost diversity and inclusion in your recruitment strategies? Here are some proactive steps that produce tangible results.

  • Examine the wording of job descriptions to remove unconscious bias and be more inclusive
  • Create inclusive workplace policies around holidays, personal time off and childcare
  • Provide bias training for interviewers and avoid hiring for ‘culture fit’
  • Build partnerships within the community. For example, organisations and message boards that promote diversity
  • Tell your recruitment agency you are actively seeking diverse candidates!

How can Morgan Law help you appeal to Generation Z?

By taking the time to develop a full understanding of your requirements, helping you understand challenges and advising you on the state of the talent market, Morgan Law is well positioned as a consultative partner that can guide you through planning and implementing innovative recruitment methods that appeals to the next generation of jobseekers.

Contact us to discuss your hiring requirements and for advice on how to develop a robust, modern recruitment strategy that considers ED&I and appeals to candidates.