Your Identity, Your Future: How Digital Solutions Transform the Job Search Experience

Your Identity, Your Future: How Digital Solutions Transform the Job Search Experience

Digital solutions that take the work out of getting to work 

Over the past twenty years technology has already transformed how we search for and apply for jobs. Online jobs boards are the norm, allowing you to search for jobs in your area, specialty, or industry quickly and easily. Social platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor make connecting with potential employers and colleagues, networking and providing feedback seamless. Video conferencing apps mean you can even attend interviews from your living room. So why is it that providing your application information is still a complicated exercise? While the forms you fill in are now online, and your CV is more likely to be a PDF attachment than a piece of paper, the process can still feel long, complicated and drawn out. It’s no wonder that 78% of jobseekers consider dropping out of the application process. But what if there was a way you could save time, apply for more roles, and keep your data secure? With the advent of digital identity solutions there is!

What is digital identity…. 

Your digital identity is not just about proving who you are; it covers things like what you buy, your IP address, and even your biometrics. Another name for it is your personal data. In terms of your job search it can cover everything from what you’d expect to see on a CV, to your right to work in the UK, P45, DBS checks and more. 

For some time, organisations have been exploring ways to make sharing your relevant personal data easy and secure. However, the technology to support a truly digital job search just hasn’t been there. Now, with the advancement of machine learning, biometrics, and other technologies, securely storing and transmitting personal data is becoming ever more possible.  

… And how will it make getting to work faster and easier? 

Think of all the information you need to provide a potential employer, and all the information that they send you once they make you an offer. Right now, supplying this information might mean filling in a lengthy application form or two, followed by emailing supporting documents further along in the interview process.  

88% of us already use our smartphones to fill in online forms so having your personal data in one, easily accessible app could seriously speed up how you get to work in a new job. 

Reducing the burden of paperwork once you have accepted a job will save valuable time in the hiring process.  Digital identity means that in one click you could share everything from your qualifications, tax information and even references without endless back and forth, form filling or email chains. With a digital identity platform onboarding into your new job becomes a breeze. You can use your personal data to autofill application forms, stopping you from entering the same information repeatedly, saving you time and effort and allowing you to apply for more roles.

5 More benefits of digital identity for job hunters 

But a quicker, easier application process isn’t the only benefit to digital identity. The technology has the potential to provide job seekers with other benefits too, such as:

  1. Greater security and control of your personal information 
    Digital identity apps can work by only giving access to your personal data to approved organisations and then only for a short period of time. You always have control over who sees what information, and when. This improves data security and means that companies don’t need to hold onto your sensitive information after use.    
  2. Eliminate time consuming paperwork
    Too many days are added to the average time to hire cycle by administration and paperwork. Analogue onboarding process are archaic and frustrating for everyone.  HR recruitment teams are spending unnecessary hours requesting multiple credentials, subsequently frustrating candidates who then have to search for hard copies of utility bills and references etc.  All of these basic ID documents must then be verified and stored on a server adding more days to the cycle. 
  3. Provide verified academic and professional credentials 
    If you’ve studied and acquired professional qualifications over the course of your career you’ve no doubt collected a folder of certificates and credentials. Digital identity means you can provide employers with the proof they need to verify your skills and expertise quickly and easily. Academic institutions and training providers can also use these solutions to provide references and checks to employers as well, meaning you won’t have to wait to start your new role.
  4. Become proficient and productive in your role more quickly
    Because data sharing apps work both ways they can be used by your employer to provide you with onboarding paperwork, logins, and training materials in advance of your start date. Meaning you can get up to speed with your responsibilities quickly and avoid spending valuable time filling in new starter paperwork on your first day. This gives you the chance to show your ability and productivity in your new role as soon as possible.
  5. Access professional development resources 
    With a secure and verified digital identity, you can easily enroll in online courses, attend webinars, and access industry-specific content and communities. It enables personalised recommendations, tailoring learning opportunities to your skills and career goals. Helping you continually enhance your skills, stay competitive in the job market, and take significant steps toward achieving your career aspirations. 

Technology has the power to transform the way we apply for jobs and how quickly we onboard. Digital identity is going to be an important part of that process. We hope we’ve set out just how helpful this way of storing and sharing your personal data could be to your future job hunt 

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