North West London Commissioning Partnership
North West London Commissioning Partnership


The London Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) began work in May 2008 to consider how best they could strengthen commissioning arrangements in the capital to:

  • make faster progress on improvements in health outcomes;
  • deliver a step change in acute sector performance;
  • drive implementation of London’s vision for health services in the capital, Healthcare for London; and
  • meet the challenge of World Class Commissioning.

London PCTs have agreed to work in 6 Sectors to create larger commissioning entities. The North West London Commissioning Partnership commissions on behalf of 1.85m people and a budget of £1.4bn responsible for 7 acute providers and London Ambulance Services.

Working Together

The North West London Commissioning Partnership provides commissioning services to eight member Primary Care Trusts; NHS Brent, NHS Ealing, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham, NHS Harrow, NHS Hillingdon, NHS Hounslow, NHS Kensington & Chelsea and NHS Westminster. The Commissioning Partnership is a non statutory organisation and is hosted by North West London Commissioning Partnership and bound by North West London Commissioning Partnership’s terms and conditions of employment.

Individually, the eight North West London PCTs face a number of difficult challenges: satisfying increasing patient demand with potential budget constraints; dramatically improving World Class Commissioning assessment scores; scarce commissioning talent; delivering Healthcare for London; and addressing below par acute hospital performance. Collectively, through the North West London Commissioning Partnership, we can tackle these challenges successfully and become a leading commissioning entity for the benefit of patients in North West London.

The overall vision is that the Partnership will enable the PCTs to significantly improve in the World Class Commissioning competencies related to acute commissioning and use these competencies as a lever to improve healthcare for patients in North West London. This can be summarised into a vision statement as follows:

"The Partnership will tangibly improve hospital healthcare performance through World Class Commissioning. The people of North West London will have access to higher quality, innovative healthcare and a higher quality patient experience".

North West London Commissioning Partnership

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