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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment.

Morgan Law recognises the importance of attracting the broadest pool of candidates and selecting the best available based solely on the requirements of the role. One of our core values is:

We believe passionately in equality. That means we treat everyone, client or candidate, with fairness and respect, regardless of job level, sector or discipline.

At Morgan Law we take very seriously the fact that as recruiters we have a responsibility to build more inclusive organisations at all levels. This is born from a belief that inclusion is a social justice and should be a simple part of everyday life and opportunity should be open to everyone measured only by your contribution.

We are driven by a belief that Diverse and Inclusive organisations create environments where creativity and productivity lead to greater success for both the organisation and the wider community.  

Delivering Diversity and Inclusion.

Commitments and pledges are all well and good, but it is our belief that ensuring the rhetoric is delivered  is essential. Embedded processes ensure that D and I is at the forefront of everything we do. Regular measurement and analysis are the only way of ensuring we are delivering on our commitment and, more importantly, can improve on it. So how do we do it?  

Candidate Attraction

In our advertising we use a range of online portals to provide access to all candidate groups. These typically provide a broader reach than print media advertisements which will tend to attract particular demographics. LinkedIn also provides broad reach, with many specialist groups being open and allowing access to all.

Where possible we monitor the diversity profile of applicants to ensure this is in line with regional averages. Where there is a requirement for positive action in recruitment to address diversity shortfall, we will discuss ways to approach this. This could include elements of targeted advertising to help attract particular groups and positive action statements in recruitment advertisements. Another example of how we take positive action when required is as follows; In a recent campaign we worked with the BAME champion within a client company who was a point of contact for prospective candidates and whose journey within the organisation featured in our campaign marketing.

We review advertisement copy to ensure it does not contain gender bias, using a gender decoder to ensure it is as inclusive as possible.

Promoting equality of opportunity in the recruitment process

Throughout the post attraction process, we take recruitment decisions objectively against the required skills, experience and values of the candidates. All employees follow our clear equality and diversity policy, avoiding any form of discrimination against any protected characteristic. This is supported by regular update training sessions, particularly to highlight any changes to legislation or emerging best practice. All staff are trained on Fair Recruitment and Selection as part of their onboarding and we run specific Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion training delivered by specialist consultancy.

We shortlist candidates solely on the requirements of the role. We create role profiles against which we assess potential candidates, and these take no account of gender, race, age or any other protected characteristic. We undertake periodic internal audits of shortlisting processes, asking consultants to explain why particular candidates were selected or rejected to ensure this is justified, fair and non-discriminatory. We are always happy to explain shortlisting decisions to any candidate to demonstrate that it was purely on the basis of candidates having a better fit for the specific role.

We minimise any barriers to applicants particularly those with any disabilities. Our offices are fully accessible, and we seek to accommodate all disabilities. We work with clients a majority of clients that operate as a Disability Confident employer and operate the Guaranteed Interview Scheme. We work with clients and advise them to ensure candidates are offered any reasonable adjustments possible when they attend meetings at our offices or their premises.

Track record of attracting diverse candidates

We regularly analyse the diversity of the candidates we place to ensure that underrepresented candidates are not being discriminated against. Diversity information is sought for all major campaigns but recorded only when candidates chose to disclose the information.

Our most recent analysis from October 2019 shows that over the previous 12 months:

  • 48% of candidates placed were female
  • 44% were from a BAME background
  • 4% were LGBTQI+

Our own recruitment practices for internal talent

As a diverse and inclusive organisation Morgan Law strive to reflect the communities we serve. The way we recruit internal talent mirrors the way we recruit for our clients, valuing diversity and recruiting and promoting purely on merit.

As we enter our 20th year we are proud of the fact throughout our history we always had a diverse workforce. Our most recent analysis shows that of employees that Morgan Law have taken on since 2011,

  • 45% are male,
  • 55% are female,
  • 5% are LGBTQI+ 
  • 25% are BAME.

We are also passionate about the ensuring diversity and inclusion is prevalent at all levels of our company. We are proud that our Senior Management Team is already

  • 60% Male
  • 40% Female
  • 15% BAME

and we continue to strive to increase female and BAME participation.