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Simon Law

Simon Law


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Simon co-founded Morgan Law with David Morgan. Responsible for running the day-to-day operational side of the business, including overseeing the business streams and the finance function, Simon also drives strategic development within the company. He takes a hands-on approach, ensuring that our teams of expert, specialist consultants benefit from his 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry.

“Since we have been in operation, the recruitment business has evolved enormously. Not only has value-for-money become so much more important, but there has been a huge shift towards a quality approach. The knock-on effect has been to forge many more business partnerships and for us, that is what we at Morgan Law are all about."

Simon learnt his trade working for two major international recruitment consultancies, where he enhanced and developed their offering in several specialist areas. Having built up a strong track record of success, Simon joined forces with David to form a corporate services recruitment consultancy, and Morgan Law was born.

The company continues upholding the attributes it was founded to embody: a focus on quality, a genuine understanding of the business sectors in which it operates, and a commitment to building long-term partnerships with both clients and candidates.