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Organisational Development & Strategy Manager

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Human Resources
£57,735 - £60,879
Redbridge (Greater London)
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Local Government
Angela Newman
0207 747 4948

One Brilliant Team - For a changing Redbridge

Redbridge is changing. We are among the fastest growing parts of the country and the third most diverse London borough. Our communities are attracted by a mixture of excellent schools, affordable housing, high quality open spaces and rapid transport connections into the heart of the City. Our population is getting both younger and older - driving increased demand in both adults and children's services. A growing population has placed huge pressure on a housing stock built for a different era. The pace of change is phenomenal

We have started to address our challenges by adopting a model for the council based on high ambition and high trust. Ambition, because we are the custodians of this precious part of East London: we care about its future and we want to get it right for our residents. Trust, because we believe in the ability of our staff and our communities to find ways to overcome new challenges and seize this once in a generation opportunity. At the heart of our approach is distributive leadership - a belief that we will get the best out of the resources at our disposal by pushing responsibility closer to the front line.

Population and Geography

  • Redbridge is estimated to have a population of 301,785. This is expected to rise by 60,000 in the next 10 years with Crossrail bringing residents to Ilford and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Redbridge has the third most diverse community in London with 60.7% of the population from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups and over 90 languages spoken.
  • There is significant divergence between green, affluent areas and areas of urban deprivation where residents are struggling to manage the rising cost of living. Redbridge has 11 areas that are in the 20% most deprived in the country and 11 areas in the 20% least deprived.

Redbridge’s Strategic Delivery Plan

Redbridge’s Strategic Delivery Plan sets out how it will contribute to the Joint Partnership Plan. 

This sets out Redbridge Council's key priorities for the next 10 years, which are to:

  • Regenerate the borough to benefit our residents and integrate new communities
  • Keep the borough clean and safe
  • Be a great place to live as a family
  • Tackle the root causes of social challenges
  • Build a brilliant Council

Key Successes
Redbridge has achieved successes in a wide number of areas during the year, the highlights include:

  • Named as the sixth most productive council in the country;
  • Protected weekly bin collections, free bulky waste and green garden waste collections at a time when many London boroughs are reducing services in these areas;
  • Redbridge was shortlisted for Local Authority of the Year in the prestigious Municipal Journal awards in April 2019;
  • Taken top spot as the most productive council for adult social care;
  • Achieved ‘Outstanding’ status by Ofsted for Children’s Services;
  • Kick started the largest programme of regeneration and housebuilding the borough has ever seen; and
  • Opened the new Mayfield Leisure Centre in November 2018. 

Key Priorities
Better Streets, Better Housing, Better Lives

Organisational Development & Strategy Manager 

The HR Employee Experience Service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Council has a motivated workforce and to be an employer of choice.
As the OD & Strategy Lead, you will work closely with senior managers, management teams and other key stakeholders to build organisational capacity to transform the culture and ensure that the workforce is developed and engaged to achieve Council priorities.
You will also take the OD and Strategy lead to the Council to support transformation in relation to culture change and developing the workforce.

You will be responsible for:

  • Leading and managing a team of up to 4 staff, taking responsibility for the direction, planning and coordination of their work.
  • Ensuring that the OD team works collaboratively with the Business Partnering and Recruitment Team.
  • To lead and develop HR strategic plans such as the HR Strategy and Workforce plans and ensure that OD initiatives are delivered in accordance to plans and aligned to strategic priorities.
  • To lead on the council’s cultural change programme and inspire and engage staff to align delivery to the Borough and Corporate Plans and leading related HR Strategies.
  • To work with the business to implement the HR Strategy and Workforce Plans and generate customer feedback and adjust plans to ensure delivery is aligned to strategic goals.
  • To lead and support the business on the upskilling of staff and leadership development programmes to achieve business objectives.


  • Full CIPD membership with substantial post qualification experience
  • Evidence of continuous professional development and strong networks to benefit the business.
  • Substantial experience of working as a senior OD professional, delivering change in large, complex, multicultural organisations.
  • Experience of commissioning services and managing internal and external contracts.
  • Effective report writing and project management skills